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Automated Deployment with Azure

Over the past few years I developed a handful of tools to help speed up development and deployment that I have already blogged about.  SimpleCRUD - Faster database access SimpleCRUD Model Generator - Automatically build POCO models of the database DTMF Deployment Tool - Auto... [More]


I tend to work on open source projects over Christmas break. Last year I developed DTMF and AliaSQL. The year before I developed Dapper.SimpleCRUD and the companion Model Generator but never blogged about them. Since their initial release, SimpleCRUD had over 3000 downloads on Nu... [More]

Umbraco page count document tree

After using Kentico for a number of years I got used to having easy access to the number of documents per site. In the process of migrating content between content management systems I needed a way to show the number of documents overall and per node. This allows me to split up work based on the act... [More]

Sidebar Navigation – A Xamarin iOS Component

GitHub Repository Xamarin Component Having a navigation menu that slides in from the side of the screen has become a fairly popular design in mobile applications recently. Originally popularized by the Facebook app, it’s been copied in many popular apps on both iPhone and Android. It’s become so pop... [More]

Mylan Hack Summit

On March 1st, Mylan Pharmaceuticals had their first ever hackathon. Since our team has been having monthly hack days in the office for a few months I thought it would be fun to try one outside the office. We read the rules and decided what we were going to build before we drove to the event to save ... [More]

The Sadness of Delaying a Release

We work on a fairly large ASP.Net MVC portal project that is about 300k lines of code. It has 20 or so related projects that use its API and design language that are somewhere north of another 500k lines of code. We are coming up on 2 years since its release this summer and have been planning for th... [More]

DTMF Deployment Tool

Last month I blogged about automated deployment of ASP.Net websites and ended by saying I was investigating Octopus Deploy. To be sure, Octopus is a great tool. It is very sophisticated but as often happens, it didn’t quite match what I wanted. Continuous Integration As a quick refresher of the... [More]

Introducing AliaSQL

Last month I blogged about Database Deployer. Since then I added some features, changed the project name, and partnered with Jeffrey Palermo to get the word out on this project. Much of this post is a reiteration of the previous post but updated with the current state of things. I spent the last fe... [More]

Selenium UI Tests Using NUnit and Visual Studio 2013

Setting up UI tests can be easy but can also be a little frustrating.  After setting up my tests in NUnit, each test case would run fine on their own but when trying to run all the tests at once as if they were in a suite, the tests would act as if they were timing out.    My pro... [More]