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Sidebar Navigation – A Xamarin iOS Component

GitHub Repository Xamarin Component Having a navigation menu that slides in from the side of the screen has become a fairly popular design in mobile applications recently. Originally popularized by the Facebook app, it’s been copied in many popular apps on both iPhone and Android. It’s become so pop... [More]

Mobile Slide Navigation

The most simple way I have come across to achieve the "hidden slide nav" on mobile sites without creating additional code is to simply assign the wrapping element of your navigation a fixed position (which can either be off of the page, or behind the rest of the page contents). The only additional c... [More]

Distributed In-Memory Cache with Redis

As more and more server architecture moves to the cloud the need for distributed caching continues to increase. Scaling horizontally with many tiny virtual web servers makes sense in a lot of scenarios, but without distributed caching quickly runs into diminishing returns. Going from one server to t... [More]