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Hack Day #1 Rules


Design a guestbook application to allow anonymous web users to visit a website and leave a message for all future visitors to see. Create a management section to allow for approving and deleting guestbook entries.

Software guidelines

The application must be coded in Node.JS. The database can be anything you choose. It will ultimately need to run on Windows Server.

User Interface

The end user interface will be presented with the user interface provided in the Guestbook UI folder. At the very least it must allow end user entry of:

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • A guestbook entry

Each entry should also capture the following:

  • Entry date

  • Approved Flag

The management section should display all messages with the ability to delete each message individually and to approve/unapprove each message. Only approved messages should display on the public guestbook.

Admin Section

The admin section does not need to have a sophisticated user management system. A hard coded single username and password set to authenticate to the administration portion to allow for approving and deleting guestbook entries is all that is required. You are free to build a more complex system as desired.

Additional Considerations

The application should handle potential error situations gracefully. Security of the application should be designed in from the beginning to prevent common web based attacks. Some attempt to prevent spam should be designed into the application.

You have free reign to create a more complex system to make the guestbook application meet what you would expect such an application to do.