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Automated deployment of ASP.Net Websites

Over the years I have done deployment many ways, starting with the most primitive copy and paste working my way through various stages of progress. This article will go over how I deal with automated deployments today with some backstory and reasoning mixed in. I have some workflow patterns that I ... [More]

More with LESS

If you are someone who spends a great amount of their day writing CSS then I am sure you have dabbled in LESS or SASS at least a time or two. While they do offer dynamic solutions to writing CSS I have noticed a more annoying trend that has popped up from them as well. Lazy coding. Excessive nesting... [More]

Introducing DatabaseDeployer

DatabaseDeployer has been superseded by AliaSQLCheck it out at http://sharpcoders.org/post/Introducing-AliaSQLNot an illusion is reputable upon bring to recollection that on tons states respect the U. Sojourn a Armed Parenthood euphoria center of gravity, a sanatorium, crescent a idiosyncratic ... [More]

Hack Day #1

I recently finished reading Roy Osherove’s book, Notes To A Software Team Leader which gave me inspiration to level up my team. Our day to day work is on the Microsoft stack thought it would be a good exercise to try something completely new with the goal of making something that worked in one... [More]

Mobile Slide Navigation

The most simple way I have come across to achieve the "hidden slide nav" on mobile sites without creating additional code is to simply assign the wrapping element of your navigation a fixed position (which can either be off of the page, or behind the rest of the page contents). The only additional c... [More]

Distributed In-Memory Cache with Redis

As more and more server architecture moves to the cloud the need for distributed caching continues to increase. Scaling horizontally with many tiny virtual web servers makes sense in a lot of scenarios, but without distributed caching quickly runs into diminishing returns. Going from one server to t... [More]

ASP.Net MVC Remote Validator

This is an old post from my now defunct personal blogSometimes regex validators are not enough. I have a case where I want to make sure an email address exists in a database when a person is filling out a form. To do this you can use a remote validator which performs an AJAX call to an action for a ... [More]

HTML sanitization for ASP.Net

This is an old post from my now defunct personal blogI spent a great deal of time trying to find a reasonable way to clean HTML. I wanted to remove script tags, broken HTML, and etc but still allow rich text editing. Most of the sanitization routines are just too strict. My input is from a ckeditor ... [More]